LCPS in brief


At present I have a skeletal set of ideas about the LCPS, what the reality is will be decided between now and 1am on April 16, when Detention at the LCPS has run its course. Everyone can contribute ideas, and we will use as many as possible.



The notion behind the LCPS is this:


In 1986, a group of pederastic pedagogues named The Birching Block organised the acquisition of premises (from the collapsing GLC) and drew together a staff and a student body in order to preserve the time honoured tradition of corporal punishment. The result is a closed regime, operating way outside the law in an inner London borough. It is school as the Marquis de Sade might imagine it – leaderless – riven by gangs and factions, routinely corrupt and abusive. It is not a nice school, it is never going to turn out mature, well-rounded, happy people, there are no hollyhocks or wisteria growing round the gate and no rosy cheeked schoolboys rattling the railings; it is NOT (and I want to make this very clear) a glowing demonstration of what real schools could be if only teachers were allowed to thrash the kids again; I’ve heard quite enough of that old shit down the years: the LCPS is an adult SM fantasy and one in which we can all have a lot of fun; end of.


The intention is to give as much credible scope as possible for the use of all types of Corporal Punishment and other SM play.