Miss Emilia Poste.


Miss Poste’s career as a proponent of strict corrective discipline began when she was but a mere child.  However, due to an unfortunate scalping incident, her endeavours to instil what she would describe as ‘order’ in the lives of others were then put on hold for some years until she was once more at liberty to do so.  Fortunately, for her, her years spent working on her attitude problem proved very useful later on. 


After a change of name, Miss Poste began her adult life as an officer in one of Her Majesty’s prisons.  This occupation was something of a disappointment to her as she was rather at odds with what she perceived as the modern, soft approach towards the prison population.  To her mind these people were there to be punished … severely and repeatedly.   Unfortunately her employers disagreed and she was asked to resign. 


It was during the despondent time that followed that she spotted an advertisement for the post of Domestic Science and Hygiene teacher at The London Corporal Punishment School.  At last an institution who really understood the importance of precisely applied, painful correction.  She jumped at the chance!



The LCPS find her rigorous approach refreshing.  However, now she has some, firmly imposed, influence on the students of this illustrious school, her interest in the correction of the rest of the degenerate and delinquent population continues.  It is rumoured that she has started up her own private prison on the side in order to further her worthwhile work.


Blue Brigade approve of Miss Poste, although she does not approve of them.  In her opinion, students have no business wearing black leather gloves and carrying night sticks.  That’s her job.


Red Badge – Miss Poste does not switch, as she firmly believes that vigorously applied self-flagellation is more than enough to keep her focussed and dedicated to her job.