The Firm: The Boat 26

Supplemental Information.


There are a few little changes to The Boat this year.

The company that we had been hiring the boat from for the last ten years had sold the boat that we'd been hiring. I got this news in March and, for a while, there was a very real possibility of no Boat this year.

However, we've found another company, and they have welcomed us with open arms; but things are a little different.

There's no buffet. A number of very yummy options were presented to us, but all of them would have pushed up the ticket price, and we want to keep the event affordable. Suggestion: have your tea before you come out.

Owing to the rules of the new company, we have to stop at 1am, so this Boat will be 4 hours, not 5, BUT it's cheaper! Tickets are only £30 - that's £5 cheaper than last year!

And it is a much better boat. Seriously, we have a very classy craft indeed, with lots more space. AND there is a totally secluded inner cabin that cannot be seen into from the shore or passing vessels. We can have a dungeon on The Boat!