Detention 2015 by The Firm

The Firm's L.C.P.S.: Detention

2015 dated Detention Flyer

April 11th 8pm - 2am, The Flying Dutchman, Camberwell

This is the London Corporal Punishment School, where the naughtiest boys and girls get what is coming to them: School classes, extra tuition, and strict and severe punishment in the time-honoured tradition! (And Sausage and Mash for lunch.)

Special prizes for best too-cool-for-school look, most admirably-attired teacher, worst delinquent, and most exacting, rigorous exemplar of Corporal Discipline. (It's going to hurt!)

Advance tickets £20 online at Joanna Lark, from the Barnet Bastille, from Zak at the LFF, from Honour on Lower Marsh, from Ishmael, or from The Dutchman. More on the door.

Find out more about the London Corporal Punishment School. Any questions? See the FAQ.

Miss Buffy Brown

is unable to make Detention, so she is our flyer sponsor instead.

2015 Buffy Flyer