The Firm



At the Workers' Playtime Munch yesterday someone asked me about Detention; she said 'Do you have to join in?'

My answer was that of course you don't have to join in - Detention is a consensual SM/CP party - and that participation is optional.

But in case anyone else has any misgivings, here's a few more questions answered:

Do I have to dress up?

We've chosen this role play scenario because, not only is it easy to think your way into (we've all been to school - at least once!), it's also easy to sort yourself out with the look - teacher can be as simple as a suit and a cane, pupil can be as simple as a white shirt and a striped arse tie.

Where do I get a striped tie?

Check your local second hand or charity shop.

Will anybody be empowered to cane me if I don't want to be caned?

Absolutely not.

Who is conducting the classes?

Mistress Absolute and Sister Martha will be conducting two of them.

Are there tickets still available?

Yes. [ May not be true at the time of reading. ]