The Firm

Safe, Sane and Consensual?

OK, hands up for a minute, we acknowledge that all this does look a bit scary – that is the idea, we do want the LCPS to look scary, heck – it’s a place where all kinds of horrific treatment is dished out in the name of education – it is not a nice place!

But it is not real, it is a fantasy created in order to maximise the enjoyment of SM play in a carefully constructed environment, and it is as safe as any other SM club:

Nothing – and I mean nothing - is going to happen to you that you do not consent to, and you cannot do anything to anyone that she or he does not consent to.

You can think yourself into LCPS-space as much as you like, but it is still a game, it cannot really hurt you nor anyone else; only in its own fantasy world is it something to be afraid of.