The Firm

What's the dress code mean?

Dress either as a schoolboy/girl, or as a teacher; it's not difficult.  We don't really want people dressed in PVC; it's not that kind of party.

Do I have to join in?

We can't make you, obviously, but you'll have a lot more fun if you do.

Do I have to be in a gang?

No, you don't have to – if you want to be Billy-no-mates that's your lookout, though a gang may decide it wants you. If you decide you like the look of a gang, wear your uniform that way.

Is it just about lessons and getting whacked by teacher?

No, definitely not! Lessons are things to be avoided if you can possibly get away with it! It's about doing all the stuff that you wanted to do when you were in secondary school – drink, smoke, snog, bunk off, bushwhack your enemies, get belted for it and not care.

That's what I want from the School Scene.