Night of the Cane at The Romford Factory 2010

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Obviously I've been in the company of perverts before, but it's always been on a one to one or small group basis in private. I've never attended a munch or a club for a variety of reasons, some of which aren't immediately apparent.

A couple of weeks ago, however, I attended my first event. I didn't feel nervous, but I did feel intrigued as I hadn't really got a clue what it would be like or how I would react to it. I was hoping I wouldn't spend the evening wondering what all the fuss was about where events are concerned.

No chance of that. As soon as Master and I arrived at Night of the Cane I felt I was going to enjoy it. The venue was great and there were lots of friendly people about. I have to admit I did find it a bit odd to be sitting around chatting whilst people were being spanked or caned and the first time Master put me over his knee and pulled up my skirt it felt slightly weird hearing people's conversations around me. That lasted all of two minutes until I began to worry about the possibility of orgasming in public.

We went to a couple of workshops which were very entertaining although I had to leave the first one as a combination of the heat and seeing someone doing something which is a hard limit of mine caused me to start to pass out. YKIOK obviously, but don't mind me if I end up lying at your feet for no apparent reason.

Master didn't originally intend to enter the caning competiton with me as I had no idea what went on, but out of the goodness of his heart he eventually put our names down after the MC had been drumming up more people. It was fine with me as I'll try anything once, but Master failed to tell me until we were on the list that we had to perform some kind of small scene as it was all about entertainment value. At this point I wished it was time to go home. Bare my bottom to an audience and receive six strokes? Fine. Speak in public? Absolutely not. Master let me off the hook and told me he'd do all the speaking.

There were a few announcements about what time the competition would be starting and calls of 'Warm up your subs!'. Finally we were called downstairs where the competition was being held. Talk about atmospheric. It may be just me and my overactive imagination, but it reminded me of a scene in a Fellini film. Not any Fellini film in particular (although I am very partial to the one where Donald Sutherland plays Casanova).

When our names were called we went up on stage and Master castigated me soundly for something I had actually done during the previous week (it concerned a washing machine). I said nothing and then received four strokes of the cane followed by a gap. A heavier fifth stroke sent an erotic charge right through me and caused my right leg to start shaking. I was very aware of the silence in the room and a bit bothered that anyone could see me shaking. Another gap and a harder sixth stroke caused me to gasp for breath. I stood up, Master wiped away a tear (from my eye, not his)and it was all over. Time for us to sit back and enjoy the rest of the competition.

The rest of the night passed in a bit of a blur after I'd been soundly thrashed for quite some time in one of the smaller rooms. As I drifted off I remember hearing Master say I'd get an audience and I also heard someone pay Master a great compliment. Later, back in the main room, someone paid me a lovely compliment, but I fear that I may have only answered in a kind of away-with-the-fairies goobledegook. This was also about the time I was 'ignoring' someone that I know quite well online, but who I didn't recognise in real life.

It didn't cross my mind to hide what I was wearing when we got back to our hotel (something I'd taken care to do when we had left earlier). We shared the lift with a very drunk and barefooted woman who managed to turn her head to me in wobbly fashion, focus her eyes and say 'You look very kinky.' I was as pleased as if I'd just been punched in the NOTC boxing ring.

Attending NOTC left me on a high for a few days. I spoke to a friend of mine who's very open minded, but who doesn't 'get' bdsm and told him all about it. He said it sounded like I'd been liberated and that's exactly how I felt.

Betony (who may be found on Informed Consent)