Night of the Cane Review

Our Night of the Cane 2012

It was not my first visit to the Night of the Cane so I knew what to expect. But it was the first time I was to be in the Competition itself, since on previous occasions I went only as a sissy maid.

Mistress Cathy Cane told me I would be going as a naughty schoolgirl, and laid out a light blue very short school skirt and a white blouse that was a little too tight so my bra showed through. I put a blue school tie loosely and untidily round my neck.

We set off into London with supposedly plenty of time to spare, but as usual found ourselves snarled up in traffic and arrived a little late.

Ishmael Skyes had organised school classes prior to the Caning Competition and Mistress had agreed to be one of the schoolmistresses. I was told to join the class and sat at my wooden school desk along with the other “boys and “girls”.

I was very disobedient during lessons, and was brought to the front of the class several times for six of the best. Mistress had painted a picture of a target on the bottom of my knickers with the words SPANK ME added.

Eventually I was expelled from the class and locked in a standing cage nearby for the remainder of her class.

When it was time for Mistress to be relieved by a new schoolmistress, I was ordered to return to class. I had hoped for a clean start with a clean slate, but Mistress informed my new schoolteacher of my behaviour so that appropriate discipline would continue.

Eventually it was time to enter and prepare for the Caning Competition. The rules are simple: we had to act out a scene that would require Mistress to administer six strokes of the cane. Three judges marked everyone on accuracy, severity and entertainment value.

First of all we needed to recruit two extras for our scene. Fortunately a woman we had been talking to agreed readily, provided she was not to be a recipient!

Then our friend David volunteered to join the cast.

As I watched the other contestants and saw and heard the punishments I was becoming quite nervous and apprehensive but there was no escape.

When it was our turn we moved on to the stage. Mistress was standing in her austere Schoolmistress garb. Our extra was standing in front looking very untidy.

As instructed I approached looking dishevelled and untidy in my miniskirt, tight blouse and loose tie.

“What is your name, girl?” she asked.

“I am Katherine, Miss” I replied.

“In that case I will call you Kat”.

“Are you Miss Prim?” I enquired.

“Is this the Muir Academy?” I asked, since I knew of the celebrated school for adult boys, girls and “special” girls (like me) run by Miss Prim who incidentally was one of the judges.

“No, this is the Mere Academy”, boomed Mistress.

“Sorry, I don’t understand. What is the difference?”

“Well Kat, the Muir Academy is for intelligent, smart well behaved pupils, while the Mere Academy is for scruffy, stupid and naughty pupils.”

“I still don’t understand”, said I, looking a bit foolish.

“Let me explain”, said Mistress as she called for the boy (David) to the stage. He was smartly dressed in full Muir Academy uniform, including cap, blazer and grey shorts.

Then a girl with tarty make-up, pigtails, short skirt, showing ripped and laddered stockings, blouse undone to show her cleavage, and scruffily knotted tie is called to stand next to David.

She was chewing gum and looking decidedly bored.

“Now can you see, Kat?”

“Not really.”

Mistress Cathy used her cane to point at David. “Compare the Muir, Kat”, then at the girl. “Compare the Mere, Kat.”

This brought much laughter from the audience, including Miss Prim herself.

“Enough of this chat”, said Mistress, as she dismissed the other two. “You were late, girl! Bend over.”

I lifted my skirt and took down my knickers.

“Whack!” “One, thank you, miss”.

“Whack!” “Two, thank you miss”.

This carried on until there were six red welts evenly spaced on my throbbing bottom.

We took our places back in the audience and watched the remaining contestants. Although my bottom was red hot I was glad it was all over.

Mistress was adjudged the winner and presented with a statuette of a leather clad woman brandishing a cane.

Later we made our way downstairs to the playroom. Several people approached Mistress and asked her to give them a thrashing as the anointed expert, and she obliged using one of the spanking benches provided.

Eventually she decided it was time for her own slave to enjoy her expertise, and gave me a thrashing with her collection of paddles, whips and canes.

As I drove us home after our wonderful experience I found it very difficult to sit down in the driving seat, because I had a very sore bottom but a huge grin on my face!

Maid Rosie