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Night of the Cane - 2004

As you all know I’m quite an advocate of NOTC, held regularly at Chats Palace, and recommend the event to all who will listen and I’m pleased to say a few of you did listen and made the effort and came along, aren’t you pleased you did?

Ishmael kindly asked me again this year to judge the caning competition, which of cause I jumped at and then he asked me if I would do a workshop on the art of caning, this took me a bit by surprise and even though I’ve never held one before, I couldn’t let the side down.

So 7.30pm armed with a bag of toys, Bob and Paul for support and a vodka and coke for Dutch courage I stood in front of a dozen or so people and babbled for half hour on how to use different implements, with the help of Paul’s backside to demonstrate on. Thank you Paul xx. I couldn’t of done too bad a job as a few people came up to me afterwards and said well done, but I must say it was one of the most nerve-racking things I have ever done. With that out the way I went to enjoy the rest of the night, and enjoy I did. This is not the place to be if you’re after a quiet night, with well over 100 people the place is buzzing and everywhere you look something is happening. Mistresses galore dishing out the cane to anyone brave enough to come forward, some rather gorgeous schoolgirls taking a sound spanking by a passing headmaster, workshops and school lessons plus much more, there is so much to see and do, people to talk to, six hours is just not enough time.

This year Kara-Jayne and Colin made it, with Kara bringing her slave Martin to cane in the competition. Kara looked stunning in a floor length black rubber dress and Colin was very dashing in his white naval uniform, though it was not very white by the end of the evening, he and Paul decided to have a go in the boxing ring after a few beers (well a lot of beers) and spent most of the time on their arse’s. Boys will be boys.

The caning competition is the highlight of the night and soon we were all taking our positions so it could get under way. As I mentioned I was judging again this year and one of the perks is having the best seats in the house, what a view! There weren’t as many entrants as last year but the standard and quality was no less. The adorable Natasha came on with Richard who won 2 years ago, though very good they didn’t get 1st, neither sadly did Kara-Jayne with Martin, I now know not to bend over in front of Kara, ouch!

The winners this year, who came in as a late entry where Master El Diablo and slave C.

Trying not to sound too awe struck, I have never seen more worthy winners, stole the show would be a understatement and much to our pleasure they gave us a encore, we’re not worthy springs to mind.

With the competition over DJ Zac is on the decks for the last few hours in the main hall and what a way to end an already brilliant night. Slightly tipsy, low lighting, pleasant tunes to dance to and some guy behind you tied to a cross, stark naked being caned by Mistress Mitra and Mistress Marilyn, to your left the schoolgirls are getting very friendly with the schoolboys and to your right a couple of very attractive ladies being shown the error of their ways, a perfect evening I think you would agree.

As always I would like to say thank you to Ishmael for inviting me, it’s an honour to be there, it just gets better and better each year.

(Reproduced by kind permission of Kane Magazine)

Look at the pictures from the night. *2002 or 2004?*