Night of the Cane – 2006

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It was a classic night, one of the best CP events I've ever attended.

Admittedly it was hot and so crowded the Chats Palace bar couldn't keep up with demand, but it was still great, with a wonderful crowd and lots and lots of play. Personally, it was also highly satisfactory, with old friends and new.

The caning competition was of a very high standard, both for style and skill, making it extremely hard to judge. Not one of the fifteen couples was substandard and at least six of them produced masterful scenes which might well have won in a lesser year. There was really nothing to choose between the three winning couples, and an honourable mention must go to Lady Penelope and Parker for style.

Peter Birch

Despite my Mistress not being able to go due to suddenly coming down with a bad back, and me reverting to plan B and caning Nicola, my little gang had a fantastic time.

It would have been better for me had Mistress been with me, but that did not detract from it being a brilliant evening, packed to the rafters and EXCELLENT people. School uniforms in abundance, some very naughty.

I was put off my stride in the competition by being interrupted mid flow, and having to continue after everyone had been asked to be quiet (it does take a LOT of concentration to cane on a stage). And I didn’t get the last stroke where I wanted it to go, and it went a little low.

PLEASE folks; it IS hard work on stage. When you are asked to be quiet, please do so.

Worthy winners of the trophy again this year, but competition was Brilliant and the standards of the people doing it was very high indeed.

I suspect that NOTC was the most attended event last night. It was absolutely packed. The bar area needs some attention, due to volume, but they were literally swamped.

Good to meet up with old friends and see them again, and to meet many many new ones.

SUPERB night. Roll on next year.

Anita Esrader

(Grateful thanks to Informed Consent)